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Ilaria Fabbri (born March 24, 1994) known as Ilarya, is an Italian singer who has grown up with a strong passion of music. ''I spend my free time with many hobbies, but singing is what I do better'' she explained in an interview. She has grown up in a house, where among the most important values, there also was the one of loving music. At the age of 7 her father teached her to play a bit the guitar, but it used to feel so empty. Ilarya decided to start using her voice to fill those empty spaces between a chord an another. From there she discovered her greatest passion: years passed and this will to sing kept growing. When she was 15 she got her first system that included a mixer and a microphone, and in the meantime she attended her first music accademy. Her first song she recorded, was ''Judas'' by Lady Gaga (2012), followed by others as: ''Payphone'' by Maroon 5, ''Lemonade'' by Alexandra Stan and and her most famous cover: ''Summertime Sadness'' by Lana Del Rey - her favourite singer - , which amount to 19.385 views. Moreover she sang in a TV show: Strafactor, where she finished in second place. After that, she was chosen to be a part of a glee club, but unfortunately the group broke up last year. Anyway, her family and her friends contributed to make her famous, letting people know her voice, thanks to concerts and festivals, where she sang and where she also appeared as a special guest.


Cover of Lana Del Rey's song ''Once Upon A Dream''

Cover of Passenger's song ''Let Her Go''

Cover of Lorde's song ''Royals''

Cover of Ellie Goulding's song ''Burn''

Here's the cover of Selena Gomez's song ''Come And Get It''

Here's the cover of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos's song ''One Day/Reckoning Song''


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